Ice Fishing Essentials—Things To Consider When Making The Journey On Hard Water

Now that you've overcome your fear of ice fishing, you're ready to tackle the ice. However, you still have some questions that need answering before you can head out on the ice with complete assurance. If you're going to participate in the sport of ice fishing, you shouldn't show there unprepared. Not only would you be miserable without the proper equipment, but you could put yourself in harm's way.

We believe that learning as much as possible about a topic before diving in is the best way to achieve success, therefore, we'll be providing you with as much detail as possible about the equipment every ice angler must bring on their trips. You can carry many other things, but here are some of the most important ones.

1. Ice Auger

While the tip-up or fishing pole can seem more useful at first glance, the auger is crucial to the success of this exercise. An auger is just a tool having razor-sharp blades in a spiral configuration. These tools can be either hand-cranked or attached to a power drill. You can't drill a hole in the ice to lower a line if you don't have an ice auger.

In some cases, you might be able to use fishing holes that have already been used by other anglers that same day. However, if you wait too long between fishing trips, the water in a previously fished hole may freeze solid. There's no way around it: an auger is essential to a productive fishing excursion.

2.  Ice fishing House

When it comes to staying warm and out of the elements there are many options for Ice Houses. For those looking for a more affordable option, pop up or flip over ice houses are the more economical option. They also allow you move easily, which is crucial when trying to stay on top of the fish.

Wheeled or permanent Ice House is a great way to fish in ultimate comfort. These type of ice houses also accommodate more people and provide the comforts of home like TV’s, beds, a bathroom and sometimes a kitchen.

3.  Ice Fishing Flasher and Fish Finders

For the past 30 years, the technology for ice fishing flashers has been virtually unchanged. Because of advancements in technology, companies like Garmin and Humminbird are changing how anglers locate fish on hard water.  Fish Finder technology like “LiveScope,” or “Mega Live Ice,” now allow you to view  wider area and see live images like type of fish species and structure.

If your looking to change the game and make your ice fishing adventure a better experience, we highly recommend you invest in a reliable marine electronic system from the reputable manufactures we represent.

 A person holding a net for ice fishing

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