Special Purchase - ACR

Please visit www.ACRARTEX.com for details. Mail-in rebate and online rebate offer require proper completion of forms and documentation. Offer only valid in the United States and Canada.
*Only valid on stand-alone EPIRBS. Bundles and kits are excluded from Free OLAS TAG offer.
**Only valid on sale of stand-alone AISLink CB2 (2676) and not AISLink CB2 AIS Bundle (2352).
Purchases Made Between June 14th - July 5th, 2021


9 products found in Special Purchase - ACR

ACR 2830 GlobalFix™ V4 GPS EPIRB - Category 1
  • $609.99
ACR 2831 GlobalFix™ V4 GPS EPIRB - Category 2
  • $509.99

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ACR AISLink CA2 Class A AIS Transponder
  • $2,299.99

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ACR AISLink™ Class B AIS Transceiver
  • $762.99
ACR Bivy Stick Two-Way Satellite Communicator
  • $249.99
ACR OLAS (Overboard Location Alert System) Crew Tag & Strap
  • $68.99
ACR OLAS GUARDIAN Wireless Engine Kill Switch & Man Overboard (MOB) Alarm System
  • $283.99
ACR ResQLink 400 Personal Locator Beacon w/o Display
  • $359.99
ACR ResQLink View 425 Personal Locator Beacon w/Digital Display
  • $399.99