A Few Maintenance Tips For Keeping Your Boat Looking Great & Performing

While it may seem like a bit far-fetched comparison, boating and car maintenance are somewhat comparable. When it comes to some of the most fundamental things that need ongoing attention, the boat owner is typically responsible. There are numerous Maintenance items you’ll need to keep on top of whether you own & operate a Skiff, Kayak, Bassboat, Trawler, Sportfish or Sailing Vessel.

Ensure your boat is cleaned, and complete the required maintenance projects when time permits. It’s also a pretty good idea to keep a Maintenance Log on items repaired / replaced & future projects that need your attention. This can be accomplished quite easily by using the “Notes” app on your Cell Phone to record repairs made, etc.


Simply put, Smart Technology incorporated today in the manufacturing of Onboard Marine Battery Chargers, by companies such as Dual Pro, Guest, Minn Kota, Newmar, ProMariner, & Xantrex, has made every Mariner’s life a little easier. The technology built into most of these charging units today can accommodate & provide the appropriate charge to each individual battery in your bank, whether you have Deep – Cycle Flooded, AGM, or GEL batteries installed.

When your boat is tied up in the slip & plugged into shore power, or plugged in inside your garage these charging units will perform flawlessly and deliver the correct amount of current & amperage to maintain your batteries at optimum performance. Once you leave the slip or boat ramp & are underway, for a day or a lengthy cruise, we recommend a voltage regulator with smart technology & a high – output alternator available from Balmar. These two electrical components will maximize the efficiency of your charging system.

Captain’s Marine Supply has an extensive line of top – quality onboard battery chargers with a wide selection of amperage output’s & battery bank requirements to choose from. So, buy marine battery chargers from Captain’s Marine Supply today.

In addition, a voltage meter is a handy tool to have onboard, which can be used to determine how much charge is remaining in a given marine battery. Ensure you know how much power your batteries typically consume during a particular season. Also, always make a point to check the Battery Connections and clean them when necessary.

Use Only Fresh Water To Clean The Boat:

Regular boat cleaning & deck scrubbing is a fact of life if you are a boat owner or operator. We have a great selection of Marine Deck Brushes & Handles manufactured by Shurhold that will make quick work of high traffic areas like the cockpit or foredeck of your boat. These Shurhold Deck Brushes come with varying degree’s of Bristle Stiffness to accommodate different areas of your boat that need cleaning. If you have Eisenglass around the perimeter of the bridge deck on your Sportfish, or you have a Spray Dodger with Eisenglass on your Sailing Vessel you’ll probably want to use an “Extra – Soft” Shurhold Brush.

In addition, if you need to clean your bilges, or all your exterior lockers onboard, then we highly recommend products produced by 303 or Spray Nine that are available on our e-commerce store. They are tough marine cleaners and most importantly friendly to the aquatic environment.   

As a reminder, never use Saltwater to clean your boat. It’s ok to rinse out your cockpit with a bucket of saltwater to remove fish blood, or beer & soda’s that have gotten knocked over by accident, but avoid using it to clean your boat! 

How To Provide Protection Against Mold And Moisture Onboard:

 Fiberglass Boats have a tendency to “sweat” during the summer months. This is a formula for Mold growth aboard your boat. If at all possible crack a hatch(s), porthole, or install fresh-air vents or screens to allow outside air to get inside the cabin & circulate. Whether or not your boat stays in a Slip year round, or on a trailer in the off – season you’ve got to be able to move fresh air around below decks.  Having Mold on a boat can be nasty, unsightly, physically irritating to you & your entire crew, & disrupt your plans for a day on the water!  We have a great selection of Marine Mold Cleaners & Inhibitors here at Captain’s Marine Supply. Buy Marine Cleaners at captainsmarinesupply.com

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