Terms of Sale

To Place an Order:

Orders may be placed by either contacting us at (855) 980-8687, or via our e-commerce site located at www.captainsmarinesupply.com.  If placing an order by phone please have the item number, appropriate description, & quantity desired along with your CC information readily available. There is no “Minimum Order Dollar Value” threshold when placing an order.



If there is a manufacturer’s delay on the product you have ordered, we will notify you via phone or email.


Direct Shipments from the Manufacturer:

Items shipped directly from the manufacturer will be billed at the time the order is placed & may incur an additional fee(s) imposed by the manufacturer. Shipping charges from the manufacturer may also apply for the item(s) that are being drop-shipped directly to you.


Pricing & Availability:

All pricing of items, offered for sale on the website, are subject to change, without notice, due to changing market conditions. We reserve the right to withdraw an item(s) for sale at any time. Always check our e-commerce site for the most current pricing & availability of an item you are interested in purchasing.


Electronic Issued Gift Certificates:

The dollar value loaded onto your “Captain’s Marine Supply E-Gift Certificate” is a prepayment only for merchandise on our e-commerce site. No credit card, credit line, overdraft protection or deposit account is associated with this gift certificate. Gift Certificates issued by Captain’s Marine Supply, LLC are non-refundable and may not be redeemed for cash, unless otherwise required by law. In addition, the e-gift certificates issued by us are non-refundable if lost, stolen, or destroyed. No interest, dividends, or any other type of earnings on funds deposited to a “Captain’s Marine Supply E-Gift Certificate” will accrue or be paid or credited to you by Captain’s Marine Supply, LLC. We reserve the right to reject or deactivate any gift certificate we issue, directly or indirectly, in connection with fraudulent actions, unless prohibited by law. Use of your “Captain’s Marine Supply E-Gift Certificate” constitutes your acceptance of these terms and conditions.       


Price Matching Policy:

We will always attempt to match or beat the lowest price you can find from another “Authorized Distributor” of the item(s) in question. Please email us at orders@captainsmarinesupply.com or call us at (855) 980-8687 to discuss the item(s) in further detail.


MAP / MRP Pricing:

Numerous manufacturers of marine components & related accessories set a Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) or Minimum Retail Price (MRP) on some, if not all of the products they manufacture. As an “Authorized Distributor” for these manufacturer’s, we are prohibited from displaying lower pricing than MAP / MRP on our e-commerce site, at any time. However, this does not mean that we cannot sell an item for a lower price.


Methods of Payment:

We accept all Major Credit Cards along with PayPal, Apple Pay, Money Orders, & Wire Transfers. A $30.00 fee will be applied for domestic wire transfers, and a $50.00 fee for international wire transfers. Please note that CC authorization for international orders may be delayed. There will be no delays on international orders paid via a wire transfer.


Special Orders:

We can assist you with “Special Order” items via our e-commerce site, or by contacting us at (855) 980-8687. Please note that, with few exceptions, special order items cannot be cancelled.


International Shipments – Freight Forwarders:

For all orders destined for international shipment the purchaser should provide us with the applicable freight forwarder of their choosing. We require the freight forwarders’ name, contact(s), address, phone, fax, & email information. All shipments to the freight forwarder, by us, will be insured only to the freight forwarders’ warehouse location. If you require additional insurance coverage on the item(s) you have ordered, you will need to request that additional coverage directly from the freight forwarder.


Customs, Duties, & Import Fees:

Customs & Importation procedures will vary from country to country. We highly recommend that you check with local government officials, in that respective country, on the appropriate labeling requirements. We can provide a proforma invoice to you if needed. Please note that once the item(s) have been delivered by our carrier to the freight forwarder our financial responsibility for the item(s) ceases.