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Okuma Inspired Fishing

If you’re targeting Pelagic’s like Blackfin or Yellowfin in the Atlantic, Gulf, or Pacific then choose the weapon that will whip these Tuna’s and get em to the boat. The Cavalla 2-Spd. Lever Drag Series Conventional Reels, by Okuma, are all about bringing strong fish to the boat using small powerful reels.

Available in 2 Sizes the Cav-5II & the Cav-12II have the torque and powerful drag needed to whip these Tuna’s. They also carry a 3 yr. Warranty if that tells ya anything about the quality of these reels!

Be sure to spool em up with Braid & a Topshot of Flurocarbon Leader. Tuna’s have excellent eyesight and if they see that braided line then you won’t be eating any Sushi tonight!

Both Left & Right Hand Retrieve Cavalla’s are now in stock & ready to ship. Buy these quality fishing reels today!

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