Radar Systems

A Radar System is first & foremost an electronic navigational aid that is primarily used by Mariners as a “Collision Avoidance System”. They can also be used to observe an approaching storm front, or as an aid to long - range navigation. Anglers utilize Radar Systems to locate birds offshore. Before deciding on which type of radar system you want to install on your CC, Sportfish, Sailboat, or Trawler first determine if you’re existing Fishfinder – GPS / Chartplotter is “compatible” with the Radar System you’re looking to purchase.  

Design wise, there are two types of radar units available. They are the “Open – Array” & “Radome” units. Open – Array units typically require a lot more power but are excellent at picking out small targets at great distances, like Frigate Birds. They need to be mounted higher because this increases their maximum range, which is needed to locate birds. Radome’s, which come in either 18 in. or 24 in. diameters, have better mounting characteristics where space is limited & they use much less power. Radomes are typically best suited for smaller recreational & light commercial vessels up to the 30 ft in length.

New Radar Technologies provide the Mariner with a choice between the “Traditional Pulse Radar Unit”, or the “Solid – State Radar Unit”. Both Radar Technologies have their advantages & dis-advantages so we recommend you first determine what your primary use for the Radar System will be aboard your vessel & then select your appropriate model. The “Simrad Halo” Radar System offers a hybrid between Chirp pulse compression technology & traditional pulse radar, for good operating performance. Garmin, likewise, has the Fantom Pulse Compression Radar System available in several Open – Array & Radome sizes with the ability to detect moving targets up to 72 nautical miles. Furuno, additionally has the excellent NXT Series Solid State Radar Systems in their product line.

Captain’s Marine Supply stocks Furuno, Garmin, Lowrance, & Simrad Radar Systems, along with all the required Accessories, Replacement Parts, & Mounting Systems. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have regarding Marine Radar Systems @ (855) 980 – 8687 or email us: orders@captainsmarinesupply.com


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