How To Select The Best Fishfinder For Your Boat And Fishing Style

Back in the day when fishfinder units first came out, the only thing that mattered was the screen resolution and the sonar power. Today, most people don't even consider these features. Even the most budget-friendly options have more than enough resolution and sonar power for an average person. What should you look for, then? At Captain's Marine Supply, we help people find the right marine electronic accessories on a daily basis.

We supply the most popular fishfinder brands, such as Garmin and Lowrance. We also have a variety of products, ranging in size and cost, so that you can find the most optimal option. 

This article discusses the factors you should consider to find the right product for you. So without beating around the bush, let's dive in.

The Screen Size

Shopping for your first fishfinder can be quite overwhelming. Several brands have different models, and each model can have more than a dozen sub-models. The good news is that most of these devices have all the features an average person would need.

The most important thing you consider is the screen size. A 7-inch screen is good for most people, but you can get a 9-inch screen if you're farsighted. Also, consider the space you have on your boat for the fishfinder—a bigger option may not always be better.

Your Budget

The factor contrasting your screen size is your budget. If you have enough room, you'd want the biggest screen possible— but bigger screens cost more. Hypothetically a 10-inch screen will cost more than twice the cost of a 5-inch screen. This is because when you double the diagonal of a screen, the area becomes four times as large. So get the biggest screen within your budget.

Fishfinder-GPS Combos

This is one feature you might want if your boat doesn't have a GPS. Most of the major brands have fishfinder-GPS combo models. These can save you money and space on your boat. You may even afford a bigger screen this way than if you had bought the two electronics separately.

A fishfinder-GPS combo from Garmin

The Brand…?

To be perfectly honest with you, the brand doesn't matter. All the brands we have are reliable. Whether you want Garmin or Humminbird is a matter of personal choice. They all have a wide range of products in different sizes. None of the major brands have prices higher than others, so we recommend not limiting yourself to one brand. 

Captain's Marine Supply has all the marine electronic systems you need. We have best-selling products from the leading brands in the industry to give you as many options as possible. Our online shop lets you buy fishing anchors, boat propellers, marine radio antennas, boat propellers, and trailer parts. 

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