A Transducer is simple a device that changes electrical pulses, sent from the MFD (Multi–Function Display) Unit, into sound waves & then receives the echoes back from the water column & then back to the MFD unit. The MFD unit then determines what objects are below the surface of the water and display’s them accordingly. In addition, Transducers are also available that will provide signals to a MFD Unit for Speed, Depth, & Water Temperature combined. There are basically 4 Transducer mounting styles, which include Thru–Hull; Tilted Element; Transom Mount and In–Hull. There are also four Sonar Technologies available in the market today and include:

  • “Fixed Frequency Sonar” typically utilizes a single or dual frequency transducer in the range of 50kHz – 200kHz. This produces digitally processed images we sometimes refer to as Broadband Technology. 50kHz – 80kHz are used for deeper water while 200kHz are good in depths up to 180 – 200 ft. of water.
  • “High – Frequency Scanning Sonar” utilizes frequencies in the range of 455kHz – 800kHz & are capable of producing excellent images. The 455kHz are excellent for scanning large areas, and the 800kHz provides high resolution detail.
  • “Directional Sonars” are designed to be aimed either electronically or mechanically. They are typically used on a Trolling Motor. They are available in a variety of frequencies & beam shapes and are designed to allow the Angler to view the fish habitat before positioning their boat on top of the fish.
  • “Chirp Sonar” technology provides excellent detail, resolution & accuracy at greater depths. It greatly improves your ability to determine fish targets that are close together or hanging on the bottom. You also get less interference, versus a single frequency sonar, because Chirp is using less power in its transmission pulses. Frequencies with Chirp Transducers range from 25 – 80kHz at the low end to 160 – 800kHz at the high end. 455kHz is great at providing a wide field of view with excellent image detail. 800kHz depth range is for shallower areas, but has very realistic images with a lot of detail.

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