Out & Center Rigger Poles are typically manufactured in Polished or Anodized Aluminum, & Carbon Fiber. Outrigger Aluminum Poles function well up to 18 ft. in length, however as the length increases the stress created from torque on the aluminum pole increases proportionally. This is why you’ll often see larger outriggers on bigger Sportfish that have integrated struts & cabling incorporated into the poles that provide additional strength & support. On some installations Carbon Fiber Poles offer several advantages over Aluminum Poles. They are considerably lighter, stronger and are much more rigid.

Typically, Anglers with Center Consoles like to go a bit longer in length on outrigger poles when they are used specifically with Hard Top Mounts. Aluminum & Carbon Fiber Out & Center Rigger Poles are now widely produced in both Fixed & Telescoping lengths. This is important to know when you’re navigating a low – lying bridge.

Center Riggers are typically used in what we call the Shot Gun position in the spread. So, your Teaser would be rigged and drifted way back behind the spread being used on your Port & Stbd. Outriggers. You have 4 options available to mount Center Riggers to your boat:

  • Center Rigger T – Top Mounts,
  • Clamp – On Center Rigger Mounts,
  • Fixed Angle Center Rigger Mounts,
  • Adjustable Center Rigger Mounts

Remember that “Boat Size Matters” when determining what size Out / Center Riggers to purchase. Buy the best Out / Center Rigger set you can afford. Also remember that if you’re running a Center – Console with Outboards it is critical to get the Teasers, Lures, & Dredges out further to either side of the boat due to the prop wash being created by the Outboards. This allows the fish to see the baits you’re dragging in clear water & increases your “Hook – Up” ratio.

Captain’s Marine Supply has a great selection of Out & Center Rigger Complete Systems, along with Poles, Dredge Booms & Rigger Accessories manufactured by C.E. Smith, Lee, Rupp, Taco, & Tigress. Stop by today & shop these great lines of marine products for the Saltwater Angler.


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