A Few Tips for Outfitting your Vessel this Spring

The coming of Spring is always welcomed by Mariners. It’s that time of year when you come to realize that there are many projects that need to be tackled & completed before you can launch your vessel at the boatyard, via a crane or travel – lift, or splash it at your local boat ramp.   

From wanting to buy boat propellers online to organizing the boat, there’s quite a bit that needs to be done prior to launching.

Here are a few recommended tips & guidelines to help you during this Spring Outfitting Season!

Follow USCG Safety Procedures and Guidelines:

A unique boating experience is only amazing if everything goes well, and Onboard Safety is a huge part of that.

No matter what season you’re boating in, make sure you have all the necessary safety & survival gear on board, including enough USCG Approved life jackets for each individual onboard. Ensure that all Marine Electronic Systems & components on your boat are functioning, as designed. If they are not then investigate & determine the possible cause(s) and replace as required. Also, make sure to follow all safety regulations and best practices for a great experience on the water. This includes; but is not limited to; following all Local, State & Federal speed restrictions in No – Wake Zones.

Establish a Plan for Water Activities:

Once you get all of the safety onboard protocols, along with the marine systems & components, checked & out of the way, you can focus on the activities you want to enjoy.  

From Fishing, Sailing, & Cruising to Scuba Diving, Water Skiing and Wakeboarding—there’s quite a lot you can do—just make sure you have all the gear needed for the activities you ultimately decide on.

Find the Best Crew to Share the Experience With:

Boating is always the most enjoyable when you enjoy it with Family, Friends & Guests that know what to expect from their Captain.  

As a USCG Licensed Captain or Registered Boat Owner locate those people who enjoy boating as much as you do and figure out what activities you all want to enjoy together.

Also, let people help you while aboard— it’s the only way to make the experience a great one for everybody and let them truly feel like they are a member of your crew.

Keep Your Vessel Clean & Organized:

This may sound completely off-center, but a clean and organized boat is a lot better than a cluttered one, and you can only tell the difference when you’ve been on both.

When your vessel is cleaned & organized you’ll often hear “Ole Salts” say “She’s in Bristol Condition Lad”. That’s a compliment, because we all know how much time & effort is required to maintain a boat that is considered to be in “Bristol Condition”!

In addition, when your vessel is organized you have a much better idea of where all items are stowed so they can be retrieved when required by you or a crew member.  

Be Certain all Marine Systems & Components are Operational:

This is probably the most significant tidbit of information we recommend you follow when getting your boat ready for Spring Launching. Following is a partial list of the most recommended items to check which will ensure your boat is ready to go for another year on the water:

  • Check the entire Marine Electrical System for loose connections & frayed wiring
  • Check the Engines, Transmissions, Lower Units, Shaft Logs, Propellers & Cutlass Bearings
  • Replace Zincs located on your Inboard or Outboard Engine(s) as required
  • Replace Zincs on Rudders & Shaft Logs as required
  • Check the entire Boat’s Bonding System
  • Check all Fuel / Water Separators & replace as necessary
  • Check all Plumbing Connections & Pumps. Replace any Hosing that is suspect or cracked
  • If you have a Genset crank it & ensure it’s producing the Designed Voltage Output
  • Check your HVAC Unit(s) along with your Refrigeration & Ice Maker Units
  • Check all Seacocks and be certain they open & close easily
  • For Sailors check the overall condition of the Standing & Running Rigging, and Hardware
  • For Sailors check the condition of all sails and get them to a Sail Loft if they need repair
  • For Sailors check the overall condition of all your Winches & repair / replace as required
  • Check all Life – Saving Gear & Electronics to include PLB’s, MOB’s, & Epirb’s
  • Ensure that all Flares have not Expired. Replace as necessary.
  • Check the condition of the Onboard Medical Kit. If you don’t have one then get one!
  • Ensure all Radios, MFD’s & Radar Systems are functioning properly
  • Check condition of Anchor Rode, Dock Lines & Fenders. Replace as necessary.
  • Check condition of all Canvas & Eisen – Glass Coverings. Repair as necessary.
  • Check to ensure the Hydraulic or Cable Steering System is operating as designed
  • Sand, Prep & Paint your Hull with a quality marine anti-fouling paint as required

These are some, but certainly not all, of the items that should be on your Spring Pre-Launch Checklist.

Remember, as we say here @ Captain’s Marine Supply - “Be Prepared on the Water”.  

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