What Are The Best Types Of Fishing Reels For Offshore Fishing?

When you decide to go on an offshore fishing trip, you should be equipped with the appropriate Offshore Fishing Reels. At Captain's Marine Supply, we have a wide range of Conventional and Spinning reels for utilizing Offshore. 

Here, we explain the differences between Conventional and Spinning reels to help you shop for fishing reels online. We also give recommendations for our favorite fishing reels in each category. So without further ado, let's get started.

Conventional Fishing Reels

The primary difference between a conventional fishing reel and a spinning fishing reel is how the spool faces. In the conventional fishing reel, the spool is placed perpendicularly to the rod. Conventional fishing reels offer high lifting power, making them more effective for catching heavy & strong bottom fish & most Pelagic's. You can also tighten the drag on a conventional fishing reel, making it easier to pull big fish to the boat.

The disadvantage is that throwing a lure very far with a conventional reel is much more difficult and simply not practical. Conventional reels are also a bit harder to use for novice anglers. However, using a high-quality conventional fishing reel can make a big difference on a big fish!

We recommend the Okuma Makaira MK-50WII 2-Speed Lever Drag Reel GOLD. Every aspect of this high-performance fishing reel is designed to meet the needs of big game fishing.

Spinning Fishing Reels

In a spinning fishing reel, the spool is placed parallel to the rod right below it. The spool itself doesn't move in a spinning fishing reel. Instead, the bail wraps the line around the spool as you turn the handle. A fixed spool makes it easy to throw a lure or jig. You can always throw a lightweight lure or jig much farther with a spinning reel than with a conventional reel. This makes a spinning reel better for people just learning to cast.

However, a spinning fishing reel can't match the lifting power of a conventional reel. Also, you have to be careful never to turn the handle when the line is going off with the drag. If you do that, you will end up with wraps and tangles on your line. So, spinning reels are good when you want to throw farther, but they can present some problems for angler's when trying to bring a big fish to the boat!

Our favorite spinning fishing reel is the Okuma Cedros 14000H-Size Spinning Reel. This spinning reel is made with Okuma's LITECAST construction design, making it lighter and easier to use while still delivering the strength and durability you'd expect from an Okuma design.


Person using a spinning fishing reel

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