A1S Antenna

A1S stands for “Automatic Identification System” and are a vital safety navigational tool available to all Recreational and Light Commercial Vessels. A1S Transponders / Receivers utilize VHF Radio and GPS technology to identify other vessels in your immediate navigational area. They can either transmit and receive data (Transponders), or simple receive data (Receivers).  

A1S Systems are broken down into two classifications – Class A and Class B, and then Class A and B combined. Data from a Class A Transponder will be prioritized and be shown to all other vessels continuously in your immediate navigational area. These units are typically reserved for larger vessels.

Data from Class B Transponders will not be shown until there is room available on the A1S Channel, and these units are typically utilized for smaller recreational and light commercial vessels. In addition, they transmit less frequently to surrounding vessels, versus a Class A Transponder. They can also be integrated into your MFD Chartplotter System to display constant positioning data from all other vessels in your immediate area.

A1S “Receivers” will pick up broadcasts from both Class A and B Transponders, however they “Do Not Transmit” the position of your vessel.      

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Shakespeare 396-1-AIS Broadband VHF for AIS System
  • $176.99
Shakespeare 5250-AIS 36" Low-Profile AIS Stainless Steel Whip Antenna
  • $75.99
Shakespeare 5396-AIS Galaxy 4' Little Giant
  • $215.99
Shakespeare AIS 4ft Phase III Antenna
  • $405.99
Shakespeare AIS 5215-AIS 36" Squatty Body® Antenna f/Sailboats
  • $70.99