Bilge Cleaners

Anyone that owns or operates a boat will tell you that the Bilge Areas below the Cabin Sole or Engine Room, can become very dirty if not cleaned on a regular basis.
Between oil deposit’s, stagnant water, water from an overflowing head or sink and mold it’s important to regularly inspect these areas and clean accordingly. Periodic inspection also applies to Anchor Lockers, Live Wells, or any storage area on the boat that doesn’t receive fresh air or sunlight. It doesn’t take mold very long to get a foothold aboard your boat and it’s simply unhealthy to breath.
We’ve got a great selection of Bilge Cleaners by MARYKATE & Sudbury. These Marine Bilge Cleaners are Citrus - Based and are 98% Earth Friendly & Biodegradable. They will kill Mold & Emulsify Fuels & Oils rendering them as neutralized contaminants. You can then safely discharge these neutralized contaminants overboard, via your Automatic or Manual Bilge Pump without harmful effects to the marine ecosystem. So, stop by our online store today & checkout our excellent collection of Marine Bilge Cleaners.

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Sudbury Automatic Bilge Cleaner - Gallon
  • $25.99
Sudbury Automatic Bilge Cleaner - Quart
  • $10.99