Bow Eyes

Bow Eyes on smaller craft can sometimes become rusted, especially on the inside of the hull where the threaded shaft(s) & nut(s) hold it in position. Since Bow Eyes are located at the stem of the hull they can sometimes become hard to reach & quite difficult to replace, especially if the forward section of the boat is decked over. Most of the time the metal in these Bow Eyes becomes corroded on the inside of the hull where the threaded shaft & nut(s) are used to keep the Bow Eye stationary and in place. Once water is able to get in through the opening(s) between the hull & bow eye it will eventually undermine the stud(s) & the nut(s) holding it to the bow stem. When this occurs then it’s time to replace your Bow Eye. Once removed, replace the new Bow Eye with a generous application of quality marine waterproof compound, like Life – Caulk or 3M 4200, to ensure the thru–hull connection is watertight. Captain’s Marine Supply carries a SS Bow Eye produced by Sea – Dog in the event you need to replace the Bow Eye on your watercraft. Stop by today & shop with us for great savings on our entire line of Marine Products & Accessories!

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Sea-Dog Stainless Steel Bow Eye - 3/8" x 4-1/4"
  • $16.99