Bow & Stern Chocks are subjected to extreme loads from Anchor Rode’s & or Dock Lines, during extreme weather conditions. Always try to use “oversize backing plates” when installing new Bow or Stern Chocks on deck. You’ll want to spread the load across a wider area of the deck, which will help minimize deck structure failure or water intrusion around the Chock. Some Mariners choose to utilize Epoxy when installing new chocks to create a watertight seal. This process will take a bit longer to complete versus using a marine waterproof compound under the chock, however both methods of sealing the chock to the deck are acceptable. Captain’s Marine Supply carries Marine Chocks manufactured by Whitecap. So, shop with us today & save!

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Whitecap Skene Bow Chock 4-1/2" Line Size 1/2" Pair
  • $34.99
Whitecap Skene Bow Chock 4-1/2" Pair - Chrome Plated Brass
  • $28.99