Emergency Plugs

Forespar’s Line of Emergency Plugs allow the Mariner to easily fill the irregular shapes of small hull impact breaches as well as any round hole leak from a hose or thru – hull fitting. The riblets help hold the plug in the hole keeping water out. These Emergency Plugs will provide many years of service & are constructed of a high – density foam. They will remain soft and pliable & will not mold or swell up like conventional wooden plugs. They are not however, to be used on Fuel Leaks.
The Forespar Sta-Plug Emergency Plugs are in stock & available in two assorted sizes of 4 in. High X 2 in. Dia. / 9 in. High X 5 in. Dia. So, stop by today and read more about these unique Emergency Plugs or ring us up @ (855) 980 – 8687 for additional assistance.

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Forespar Sta-Plug Emergency Plug
  • $25.99
Forespar Sta-Plug® Mini Emergency Plug
  • $19.99