Fish Attraction Devices

Designed by T-H Marine these Fish Attraction Devices mimic the sound of various Fresh & Saltwater baitfish, via a waterproof, underwater Hydrowave H2 Omni – Directional speaker. The Display Unit ships complete with the Underwater Speaker, Mounting Brackets, & 14 ft. of speaker cord. Installation & Operation is very straightforward & easy to understand. So, if your targeting Crappie, Bass, Catfish, & Walleye, or Saltwater Inshore Species like Trout & Redfish; that mimic the sounds of baitfish like Shrimp, Mullet, Croakers, Herring, & Cigar Minnows; then these Fish Attraction Devices will provide the Angler with increased hookups for these targeted fish species. Parts are also available & include replacement speakers, power cord assemblies, & 12-volt adapter conversion kits. Shop this quality marine brand today & save at Captain’s Marine Supply!

7 products found in Fish Attraction Devices

T-H Marine Hydrowave 2.0 Replacement Speaker & Power Cord Assembly
  • $96.99
T-H Marine HydroWave H2 System - Mr. Crappie Edition
  • $429.99
T-H Marine HydroWave H2 System Catfish Edition
  • $422.99
T-H Marine HydroWave H2 System Package - Inshore Saltwater Edition
  • $422.99

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T-H Marine HydroWave H2 System Package - KVD Kevin Van Dam Signature Edition
  • $512.99
T-H Marine HydroWave H2 System Walleye Edition
  • $422.99
T-H Marine HydroWave Mini 12V Adapter Conversion Kit
  • $30.99