Fluke Anchors

When you need to set the hook and be certain that the anchor is holding you in position before you go below for the night then choose Fortress Marine Anchors. The FX & Guardian models provide superior holding power and are the safer & more affordable alternative to heavy steel anchors. Both these model anchors are manufactured from high tensile, corrosion resistant aluminum magnesium alloy. The FX model anchors can be adjusted from 32 degrees to 45 degrees for extra holding power. The Guardian models are limited to one single 32-degree angle. The FX model series are approved by American Bureau of Shipping & used by the U.S Navy & U.S Coast Guard. Shop these premium quality marine anchors today at Captain’s Marine Supply.

20 products found in Fluke Anchors

Fortress FX-7 4lb Anchor f/16-27' Boats
  • $125.99

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Fortress FX-11 7lb Anchor f/28-32' Boats
  • $172.99
Fortress FX-16 10lb Anchor f/33-38' Boats
  • $249.99
Fortress FX-23 15lb Anchor f/39-45' Boats
  • $388.99
Fortress FX-37 21lb Anchor f/46-51' Boats
  • $578.99
Fortress FX-55 32lb Anchor f/52-58' Boats
  • $824.99
Fortress FX-85 47lb Anchor f/59-68' Boats
  • $1,287.99
Fortress FX-125 69lb Anchor f/69-150' Boats
  • $1,886.99
Fortress Guardian G-5 2.5lb Anchor
  • $54.99

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Fortress Guardian G-7 2.9lb Anchor
  • $67.99
Fortress Guardian G-11 6lb Anchor
  • $92.99
Fortress Guardian G-16 7lb Anchor
  • $133.99
Fortress Guardian G-23 13lb Anchor
  • $210.99
Fortress G-37 18lb Guardian Anchor f/42'-47' Boats
  • $325.99

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Fortress G-55 29lb Guardian Anchor f/48'-53' Boats
  • $480.99
Fortress G-85 42lb Guardian Anchor f/54'-62' Boats
  • $735.99
Fortress G-125 65lb Guardian Anchor f/63'-72' Boats
  • $1,090.99
Panther Water Spike Anchor - Up To 16' Boat
  • $36.99
Panther Water Spike Anchor - 16' - 22' Boats
  • $49.13
Panther Water Spike Anchor - 22' - 35' Boats
  • $52.49