Folding Strap Ladders

If you lose a crew member or a loved one overboard on a sailing vessel, you’re first task is to locate the individual and determine that they are in good condition or need assistance. You’re second & most important task is to get the individual back onboard as soon as you can. Without a Marine Emergency Folding Strap Ladder this task is going to be extremely difficult especially on a sailing vessel with high topsides.
Captains Marine Supply carries a line of Sea – Dog 3, 4, & 5 Step Emergency Folding Ladders that will greatly assist in getting the individual back onboard. They are strong, will support up to 300 lbs. & can quickly be secured to Cleats, Railings, Winches, Stanchions or Halyards. Don’t get caught in a position where you’re unable to bring an individual back onboard! Check out this great line of Folding Strap Ladders by Sea - Dog and remember “Be Prepared on the Water”!

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Sea-Dog Folding Ladder - 3 Step
  • $39.99
Sea-Dog Folding Ladder - 4 Step
  • $52.99
Sea-Dog Folding Ladder - 5 Step
  • $60.99