Galvanic Isolators

A Galvanic Isolator is simply a marine device consisting of a blocking diode assembly connected in series in the green grounding conductor of your shore power wiring, between your shore power inlet, on board and the main panel grounding bus. This marine electrical component is designed to block movement of low - level DC current on & off the boat, which is typically associated with galvanic corrosion. If you boat stays in its slip at the marina, the majority of the time, then it’s suggested you install a Galvanic Isolator. Galvanic Corrosion is a very real problem that if left unattended can cause damage to your boats entire marine electrical system. Captain’s Marine Supply stocks a great selection of top – quality Galvanic Isolators, produced by Newmar, ProMariner, & Victron at affordable prices. Shop with us today & add a Galvanic Isolator to your boats electrical system for additional protection against galvanic corrosion!

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Newmar GI-30 Galvanic Isolator
  • $256.75

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Newmar GI-50 Galvanic Isolator
  • $296.99
ProMariner ProSafe FAILSAFE 60amp Galvanic Isolator
  • $346.99
Victron Galvanic Isolator VDI-64A 64A Max Waterproof (Potted)
  • $305.99