Garmin GPS - HandHeld Units

Captain’s Marine Supply is pleased to offer all Mariners the Garmin line of Marine GPS Handheld devices. These units are much more durable and prone to much less damage than a mobile phone with a navigational app, not to mention that once you’re outside a mobile phone’s cell coverage area they become somewhat useless as a navigational aid.

All Garmin GPS handheld units receive radio signals, typically from 3 orbiting satellites, to determine your position at any given moment. They provide continuous updates to your position and provide speed & compass headings, along with the ability to save positions or what we call “Waypoints”. These devices can also display charts just like a fixed mounted GPS – Chartplotter unit, & some of the models come with Wi-Fi connectivity. Available in a B/W or Color Display, Garmin GPS Handheld units are the Mariners best bet for receiving reliable navigational data. We believe every Mariner should carry a Handheld GPS unit on board as a “Backup Navigational Aid” to your permanent mounted electronics, located in the helm area of your vessel. Remember “Be Prepared on the Water”. Shop with us today & save!

5 products found in Garmin GPS - HandHeld Units

Garmin GPS73 Handheld GPS
  • $153.99
Garmin GPSMAP86i Handheld GPS with inReach
  • $566.99
Garmin GPSMAP86s Handheld GPS
  • $377.99
Garmin GPSMAP86sc Handheld GPS With BlueChart g3 U.S.
  • $424.99
Garmin GPSMAP86sci Handheld GPS with inReach BlueChart G3 U.S.
  • $623.99