Grounding Plates

Grounding Plates are made from what is commonly referred to as Sintered Bronze. They are like a metallic sponge, of sorts. Manufactured by Newmar, they're available in 3 sizes and come complete with all the bronze mounting hardware. They provide an excellent noise – free RF by making direct contact with the water outside the hull of your boat, especially if used with a SSB Radio onboard. In addition, they perform extremely well for completing the final link in your boats Bonding System, which means that all the underwater dissimilar metals on the boat are tied together with 8 AWG Green Bonding Wire and terminate at the Grounding Plate. Most importantly, “Do Not Paint” these Grounding Plates with any type of anti-fouling bottom paint. If you do you will render them useless! Shop all these great marine products today & save at Captain’s Marine Supply. Remember “Be Prepared on the Water”.

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Newmar 8A Ground Plate
  • $176.99
Newmar 12C Ground Plate
  • $185.99

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Newmar 18E Ground Plate
  • $677.99