Marine Wi-Fi & Mobile Broadband

Typically, the least expensive way to secure a Wi-Fi signal aboard your vessel, when docked at the marina, is to utilize their wireless system. However, connecting & maintaining a strong signal connection below decks, from the Marina’s WI – FI system can sometimes become an issue. If this occurs, you’ll most likely need to install a W-Fi Booster Router / Antenna system aboard. Digital Yacht’s WL70 unit, among other units stocked at Captain’s Marine Supply, is equipped with a DC wireless router & high – gain antenna, which establishes a local Wi-Fi Network aboard for multiple users.

If you’re looking to utilize your mobile phone network, which typically can have expensive data rates, you’ll need to install at least a 4G wireless router onboard, along with a high–gain antenna. Again, Digital Yacht has 2 models available, that we stock, for this networking upgrade aboard your vessel. If you plan on going offshore up to approximately 15 nautical miles then the Digital Yacht “4G Connect Pro” model will be your better choice to purchase.

Captain’s Marine Supply is pleased to offer a variety of Wi-Fi & Mobile Broadband communication systems manufactured by Digital Yacht, & King. For additional information on these & all the marine products available in our store please call us @ (855) 980–8687 or email us: 

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Digital Yacht 4G Connect 2G/3G/4G Internet Access
  • $440.99
Digital Yacht 4G Connect Pro 2G/3G/4G Dual Antenna
  • $756.99