Mortise Latch Sets

If you are experiencing issues with your existing door mechanism that opens & closes your Cabin Doors, below decks, then it may be time to look at replacing your original Mortise Latch Set. As with most other marine components, the mortise latch set(s) that were originally installed by the boatbuilder, many years ago, are probably at the end of their useful service life. Captain’s Marine Supply currently stocks the Perko line of Mortise Latch Sets. These are currently available as a “Turn Button” or “Lockset w/Bolt”. So, if you’re in need of one of these types of Mortise Latch Sets than stop by our store today and check availability on this Top-Quality Marine Line of Hardware from Perko!

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Perko Mortise Latch Set w/Turn Button
  • $83.99
Perko Mortise Lock Set w/Bolt
  • $126.99