PLB-Satellite Messengers

A PLB (personal locator beacon) is a marine electronic device similar to a Cat 1 or 2 EPIRB, but can also be attached to a Type I USCG Life Jacket or be placed in a Rapid Ditch Bag for use should an emergency arise. We are pleased to carry the complete line of ACR, Garmin, McMurdo, Ocean Signal & SPOT Personal Locator Beacons. Stop by our store today and checkout these Satellite Messengers or contact us directly @ (855) 980 – 8687 with any questions you may have regarding any of these Top - Quality Marine Safety / Rescue Electronic Devices. Every Mariner going Offshore should have one of these units onboard!

15 products found in PLB-Satellite Messengers

ACR 2886 AISLink MOB Personal AIS Man Overboard Beacon
  • $299.99
ACR Bivy Stick Two-Way Satellite Communicator
  • $249.99
ACR OLAS (Overboard Location Alert System) Crew Tag & Strap
  • $65.99
ACR OLAS (Overboard Location Alert System) Crew Tag & Strap *Pack of 4
  • $259.99

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ACR Pathfinder Pro Sart Non-Hazmat
  • $550.99
ACR PLB ResQLink™ 400 & OLAS Tag Survival Kit
  • $389.99

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ACR PLB ResQLink™ 400 Survival Kit
  • $379.99
ACR PLB ResQLink™ View 425 & OLAS Tag Survival Kit
  • $449.99
ACR ResQLink 400 Personal Locator Beacon w/o Display
  • $339.99
ACR ResQLink View 425 Personal Locator Beacon w/Digital Display
  • $389.99
ACR ResQLink™ View 425 Survival Kit
  • $419.99
McMurdo FastFind 220™ PLB - Personal Locator Beacon
  • $289.99
Ocean Signal rescueME MOB1 Personal AIS Beacon
  • $309.99
Ocean Signal RescueME PLB1 Personal Locator Beacon w/7-Year Battery Storage Life
  • $329.99

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Ocean Signal SafeSea S100 SART
  • $560.99