Rapid Ditch Bag

A Rapid Ditch Bag or sometimes referred to as an Abandon Ship Bag should be on your list of “Must-Haves” if you’re planning on spending any amount of time offshore in the Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico, Pacific Oceans or on the Great Lakes. These Bags are designed to store and hold your key survival items, which will be needed to call for help! They should always be readily available should the need arise to abandon your vessel!
Your Rapid Ditch Bag should contain Solas – Grade Flares, an Epirb or PLB (Personal Locator Beacon), Hand – Held VHF w / GPS Capabilities & Satellite Phone followed by Visual & Sound Signaling Devices. Either your Life – Raft or Rapid Ditch Bag should also contain an adequate supply of Water or a Hand Operated Reverse – Osmosis Watermaker, Medical Kit & Survival Gear.
We are pleased to offer all Mariner’s the ACR line of Rapid Ditch Bags. These are available as an “Empty” bag that allows you to build your own Life – Saving Devices of your choice, or a Complete ACR Rapid Ditch Bag, which contains all the necessary satellite communication devices to make your rescue as short of an ordeal as possible. Remember “Be Prepared On the Water.”

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ACR RapidDitch™ Bag
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ACR RapidDitch™ Express Abandon Ship Bag
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