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A word about cleaning Teak before you start pouring harsh chemical cleaners on this wood. Even though Marine Teak is classified as a “Hardwood” it still contains soft wood fibers that will be removed by applying to much of a harsh chemical cleaner, or by not diluting the chemical properly. When this takes place you will no longer have a smooth surface. It will be rough and will then require sanding to get it smooth again. If you continue to practice this incorrect cleaning method Teak Covering Boards, as an example, that originally started out being 5/4 thick finished will eventually become 4/4 thick or even less, because you have to keep sanding the hardwood fibers in the Teak to get it smooth again.
Tip Top Teak formulates & manufacturers a Teak Cleaner in a 2 - part system – Part A & Part B that is used worldwide by many Mariners. When using this product proceed with caution on using “Part A”. We suggest it be diluted before applying. In this case “Less is Better”. Apply to a small area and use a “Soft bristle scrub brush” and “Scrub lightly across the Grain”. Check the area and if your satisfied rinse with freshwater thoroughly before proceeding.
The Tip Top Teak - Part B chemical component is what we refer to as the Brightener! Once again “Less is Better” so dilute before applying. Apply the diluted Part B on a small section of the teak and proceed accordingly. The last key to keeping Teak looking “Golden” is to oil it after you have completed the 2- step cleaning process. Teak wood, by nature, is an oily wood so it loves to be oiled. If its not oiled after cleaning it will eventually turn silver - gray in color. So, stop by today and checkout our line of Teak cleaning products & remember in this marine cleaning process “Less is Better”!

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Tip Top Teak Cleaner Part A - Quart
  • $10.99
Tip Top Teak Cleaner Part B - Quart
  • $10.99
Tip Top Teak Crystal Deck Cleaner - Half Gallon (4lbs 3oz)
  • $38.99
Tip Top Teak Crystal Deck Cleaner - Quart (2lbs 6oz)
  • $20.99
Tip Top Teak Deck Brightener - Quart
  • $12.99

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Tip Top Teak Wood Oil Sealer - Gallon
  • $49.99
Tip Top Teak Wood Oil Sealer - Quart
  • $17.99