Water & Holding Tank Additives

If your boat is equipped with Marine Freshwater & Waste Holding Tanks and you’re typically not living onboard, then we recommend that you periodically treat these Marine Holding Tanks with products from Marykate, Raritan, Thetford, Dometic, & Sudbury.
Freshwater held in a Marine Holding Tank, over time, will become Non - Potable if not treated periodically. Human Waste held in a Marine Holding Tank will be a source of unpleasant odors aboard your boat if not treated periodically with a Waste Tank Additive.
These are simply Marine Maintenance Tasks, as a Mariner, that we recommend you follow. No one wants to go below decks to use the Head (Toilet) and be greeted with an odor that will drive you back up on deck! So, stock up on the appropriate Water & Holding Tank Additives today at Captain’s Marine Supply!

12 products found in Water & Holding Tank Additives

Raritan C.H. Cleans Hoses f/Tanks & MSD - 1 Quart
  • $32.99
Thetford AquaBio - 16 Toss-Ins® Concentrate Packets
  • $12.99
Raritan K.O. Kills Odors Bio-Active Holding Tank Treatment - 32oz Bottle
  • $13.99
Raritan C.P. Cleans Potties Bio-Enzymatic Bowl Cleaner - 32oz Bottle
  • $14.99
Raritan Potty Pack w/K.O. Kills Odors & C.P. Cleans Potties - 1 of Each - 32oz Bottles
  • $24.99
Dometic Max Control Holding Tank Deodorant - 12 Pack of 1.5oz. Pods
  • $16.99
Dometic Max Control Holding Tank Deodorant - 32oz. Bottle
  • $17.99
Sudbury Holding Tank Kem - 128oz
  • $35.99
Sudbury Holding Tank Kem - 8oz *Case of 6*
  • $19.99
Sudbury Holding Tank Kem - 32oz
  • $10.99

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Sudbury Aqua Fresh - 8 Pack Box - *Case of 6*
  • $70.99
Sudbury Aqua Fresh - 8 Pack Box
  • $13.99