We’re often asked why Marine Anodes are needed on a boat and why do they erode away. Well, the answer is a bit complicated, but quite understandable.
To understand Galvanic Corrosion, we must first discuss the “Nobility of Metals” & the Galvanic Scale. The premise behind this is when you submerge two different metals with a different nobility in an electrolyte, like saltwater, you set up a small galvanic circuit. A good example of this exchange of electrons is you currently have a SS 2 in. Shaft Log that carries a Bronze Prop. The less noble metal is Bronze and without a sacrificial anode attached to the Shaft Log the Bronze Prop will begin to pit & erode away, or what we say “donate it’s electrons” to the circuit. To prevent this, we typically will add a 2 in. “Zinc” Shaft Collar.  Why you ask? Because Zinc is very low on the Nobility Scale compared with SS or Bronze. So, it becomes the sacrificial metal. This is why it is important to check or have a Diver check your Sacrificial Anodes periodically to ensure that Galvanic Corrosion is kept @ bay!
In addition, Galvanic Corrosion can set up in Marine Engines so once again its important to periodically check the Pencil Zincs that are found in both Outboard & Inboard Drive Units & replace as necessary.
We have a great selection of in-stock Sacrificial Anodes available in Zinc, Magnesium or Aluminum manufactured by Technoseal for use on Outboard / Inboard Marine Engines. So, stop by today & shop this great collection and as always feel free to contact us if you need assistance or have questions regarding any of our Marine Products. We can be reached Toll Free @ (855) 980 – 8687 or you can chat online with us.


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