Choosing The Correct Marine Antenna For Your Vessel

Many different types of marine antennas are available, each of which serves a different purpose. Shopping for marine antennas online can be a bit confusing. We have decided to explain the different antennas we have available to help you decide which one you fits your specific need.

A1S Antennas 

A1S Antennas are used by (A1S) automatic identification systems to transmit location data to other boats in the area. You can either have an A1S transponder that receives and sends data or a receiver that only receives data. 

There are two classes of A1S systems, Class A and Class B. Class A transponders have priority over class B transponders, which means they're shown to other transponders first. If you have a small recreational boat, get a Class B transponder.

VHF Antennas

Marine radios have highly sensitive antennas. However, it would help if you matched your radio with an appropriate VHF antenna to get the range you're looking for.

The right length and strength of your Very High Frequency (VHF) antenna depend on the length of your boat. Your VHF antenna length should always be less than half the length of your boat. If your boat is somewhere between 24 to 32 feet, an 8 feet long antenna would work. Smaller boats can use 4 feet long VHF antennas.

AM/FM Antennas

If you want to tune into your favorite AM/FM stations, high-quality AM/FM antennas such as the Shakespeare 5420-XT 4' AM/FM Antenna are what you want. These antennas are designed to easily pick up even weak frequency and amplitude modulations, giving you high sound quality at sea.

Broadband Antennas

These are the Swiss Army knives in the world of antennas. As the name suggests, broadband antennas can pick up various frequencies, including radio, radar, and television. The Shakespeare 6500-WB 4FT BroadBand VHF Antenna even comes with an IP67 rating, meaning it's as water and dust resistant.

SSB Antennas 

A Single Sideband (SSB) antenna is mainly used for two-way voice communication. It can easily transmit signals to large distances without any extra third-party costs. SSB antennae are used by military networks, air traffic control, spy networks, ships, and boats. The Shakespeare 393 23' Single Side Band Antenna also has a two-year warranty.

A yacht with many antennas

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