How To Choose The Right Marine Radar System For Your Vessel?

You should probably acquire a Marine Radar System for your Trawler, Sportfish, CC, or Sailing vessel if your planning any type of extended cruises or day trips offshore. Typically, upgrades should be made to your current marine radar system, as required, especially if the unit is over 5 years in age. Mariner’s want to ensure they have the appropriate marine radar system to aid with navigation.

Finding the appropriate Marine Radar System can be difficult for many people. But you may be wondering why a vessel would even need radar. To begin, investing in a marine radar system will allow you to spend more time at sea regardless of the season. For another, marine radar is a primary & crucial electronic aid to safe vessel navigation. On that note, let's take a detailed look into Marine Radar Systems.

How Do They Help?

The primary function of a marine radar system is to help all Mariner’s safely navigate their vessel in all types of sea conditions. They are also useful for long-range navigation and for monitoring storm fronts. Radar systems, in addition, can assist Anglers in locating birds far offshore.

Before you decide on which marine radar system you want to install, check to ensure it is compatible with your current MFD or Fishfinder – GPS Unit(s) currently installed on the vessel.

Types Of Marine Radar Systems

When it comes to radar systems, you can choose between two distinct designs. They are known as "Open Array" and "Radome" devices. Open-Array receivers have a higher power requirement, but can easily pinpoint distant, small targets, such as Frigate Birds. Mounting them higher will extend their effective range, which is necessary for tracking down avian species.

Radome's, available in 18- or 24-inch diameters, provide superior mounting capabilities in confined spaces and consume significantly less energy than Open Array antennas. Smaller recreational and light commercial boats (typically up to 30 feet in length) are often the best prospects for Radome’s.

The modern Mariner has the option of using either the "Classic Pulse Radar Device" or the "Solid-State Radar Unit," both of which are facilitated by breakthroughs in radar technology. We advise you to first decide what the major function of the Radar Equipment will be on board your boat, as each type of Radar Technology has its own set of benefits and drawbacks.

The "Simrad Halo" radar technology incorporates Chirp pulse compression. Similarly, Garmin's Fantom Pulse Compression Navigation System is available in both Open-Array & Radome configurations, allowing it to locate moving targets from a distance of up to seventy-two nautical miles away. The NXT Series Solid State Radar Devices from Furuno are also high-quality options.

Marine Radar System

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