Key Fishing Components & Accessories to have onboard when targeting select Fish Species



Downriggers are made for trolling and can help anglers control their live baits or artificial lures / plugs at a pre - selected depth more accurately. By combining a rod holder, spool, electric motor, and trolling weight, anglers can more accurately and effectively target Lake Trout, Kingfish, Striped Bass, & Wahoo among other salt and freshwater species. They come in either manual or electric configurations with a wide variety of budgets to fit your specific needs.

 If you’re looking for some accessories to take your downrigger to the next level, you can optimize yours through flash weights, mounting bases, and line release grips. A combination of these accessories can make for productive fishing results.

Electric Fishing Reel Connections 

Marine electrical fittings are typically installed in your boat’s cockpit and connected to your electric reel, which are used for Deep Dropping. One of the most renowned brands that manufacture electric fishing reel connections is Hubbell, which has decades-worth of experience in the field. Their portfolio of marine electrical fittings is diverse, so be sure to research what product fits your needs best when setting up your electric fishing reel connections.

Filet and Cutting Boards  

We recommend you try Magma Fishing Filet & Cutting Boards, a popular choice by experienced anglers, nationwide. They can be mounted in a Rod Holder when in use and then removed for storage @ the end of the trip. Pricing is quite affordable and they are built durable and will last.

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