Looking For High-Quality Marine Components? Here are 3 Trusted Marine Manufacturers!

The Marine supplies you choose for your vessel will ultimately determine the overall performance of that vessel.  Marine accessories have evolved & provide mariners with a host of different advantages in functionality, durability, and price-effectiveness.

Certain manufacturers have made a name for themselves to produce premium-quality products at competitive prices over the years. Here are three trusted ones to look out for if you're in the market for high-quality marine systems & components.

1.  Automatic Identification Systems – ACR, Furuno & ComNav

AIS is an Automatic Identification System that's used by both commercial & recreational vessels to identify each other while traveling in an area. Both receivers and transmitters can utilize this feature.

AIS is divided into two classifications: Class A & Class B. The data from the Class A Transponder onboard your vessel is used to inform all other vessels in the immediate navigational area of your position. Class B Transponders are typically used for light commercial & recreational vessels. Although they transmit less frequently, they still provide your exact position’s data to other vessels in your immediate area. Captain’s Marine Supply is pleased to carry the ACR, Furuno & Com-Nav line of AIS Transponders. 

2.  Fishfinder Units - Garmin, Furuno, Lowrance & Simrad

Fishfinder units are typically not equipped with all of the features that you would find in a GPS, Chartplotter, or MFD. Some manufacturers, like Garmin, have added features that are known as Waypoint capabilities.

Top-quality Fishfinder units from Garmin, Furuno, Lowrance, and Simrad are designed to provide years of trouble-free service & to put you on the Fish, based on your selection of the appropriate Transducer for the species you’re targeting.


3.  Marine Audio Equipment - Boss Audio & Fusion

Quality Marine Audio Components is an absolute requirement for most boat owners, but many don't realize the benefits of an Audio System that provides premium quality sound. Marine Audio Components are susceptible to significant wear and tear over time due to Salt Air, Humidity, and UV Sunlight. Due to the harsh marine environment, it is important to choose a marine audio system that is built to withstand these types of conditions.

Modern Marine Audio Components from Boss Audio and Fusion are designed & engineered to withstand the rough conditions every Mariner will experience on the water. If you're also planning on boosting your marine audio system, then you should probably consider getting a Subwoofer & a Marine Amplifier. The installation of a marine audio system is relatively easy if the components are already installed. If it's a new project, make sure to layout the locations where the speakers, amplifiers, and receiver will be installed.

Find High-Quality Marine Supplies From Captains Marine Supply

Boat owners understand how crucial it is to have their vessel stay in sound operating condition day in and day out! Poor maintenance or cheap marine accessories can lead to huge losses in the long run. You can find all the aforementioned marine manufacturers and more here @ Captains Marine Supply.

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