Tips for a Productive Fishing Trip

Planning for and then heading out on a Fishing trip for a few hours or multiple days is always an exciting time for all! When you finally have your boat positioned on a Lake, River or Saltwater Flat, or the Fishing Guide and or Charter boat Captain & Mate say’s “Drop Your Lines” the excitement begins! When you then get your first strike or hit from a fish on your Rod n Reel its simply overwhelming and to put it mildly “Your Hooked” on the experience.  

And the only thing that can disrupt this excitement is realizing that you didn’t buy enough fishing reels & fishing tackle for a productive trip!

Well, the key to a productive fishing trip is planning & preparation and noted below are just a few tips we’ve compiled to assist you and ensure your Fishing Trip goes off without any glitches. 

Licenses, Regulations, and Other Relevant Documents:

Fishing Licenses are a requirement in almost all the US States, so research the State you plan on visiting to familiarize yourself with their respective Fishing Regulations. If you’re going to utilize a Fishing Guide or Charter boat then typically you are not required to possess a State Fishing License in that respective State.

If you happen to be boarded by an officer from the Dept. of Natural Resources or Marine Patrol, in the State your Fishing, & you have an “Expired License”, or worse yet “No License” in your possession, then be prepared to pay a very hefty fine and or imprisonment or both depending on the severity of the Fishing Violation your charged with. In other words, just purchase & carry the appropriate Fishing License from the State you plan on Fishing in!

If you’re planning an International Fishing Charter trip outside the US, to target Pelagic Species like Blue & Black Marlin, Sailfish, Wahoo, Dolphin, or Blue & Yellowfin Tuna, then a valid US Passport is an absolute requirement. Each Country has their own established Fishing Regulations so it’s probably not a bad idea to research that topic @ some point before your trip begins.

It’s also a good idea to print a copy or save the document(s) on your phone of the Fishing Regulations for the State or Country you plan on fishing, if you’re not using a Fishing Guide or Charter boat.

Consider also putting your important documents in a waterproof pouch or bag for safe – keeping.   

Clothing Essentials and Other Personal Items:

Make certain you pack all your clothing based on the current weather conditions & patterns for the area you plan on Fishing for that given time of year.

In addition, don’t forget to pack Sunscreen, Bug Repellent, Hand Sanitizer & some form of Seasickness Medication, if you’re prone to that sort of thing. If you’re fishing by yourself or with friends then pack the appropriate amount of Food & Drink you’ll need for the number of days you’ll be out on or close to the water targeting fish.

Fishing Guides & Charter boats will typically not supply food & drink on a 4 or 8 hr. trip so, it’s best to ask them upfront what they provide so you can plan accordingly. On the other hand, Long – Range Fishing Trips typically have a cook on board, and you can purchase food & drink most any time, or sleep & shower whenever you want.

A Garmin Hand – Held GPS, along with ACR’s BIVY Stick Two – Way Satellite Communicator is also not a bad idea to carry along if you plan on fishing in extreme wilderness areas where human contact may be many miles if not days away. Also plan on packing the appropriate number of batteries and a Power Bank or Solar Charger for your cell phone. A well-stocked First-Aid Kit should also be on the list & carried with you.  

Best Quality Fishing Gear:

A little preparation can go a long way when planning a Fishing Trip to any area, whether it’s a few miles away from home, or another state or country away!

Ideally, you should have at least 2 quality rod and reel setups, per angler, with either new Mono or Braid spooled on your Reels, along with the appropriate Leader material for the species of Fish you’re targeting. You’ll also need the appropriate number of Lures, Hooks, Swivels, Sinkers, Corks, etc. packed typically in a Plano box. If your trip is just for a few hours then you also may want to consider bringing a Plano Tackle Box or Tackle Bag, plenty of live bait when available, a cooler to store the catch, a multi-tool, or pocketknife, a filet knife, and any other necessary equipment you think you might need.

Typically, on a Charter boat or a Day - Charter involving a Skiff, with only you & a companion aboard, the Fishing Rods n Reels along with all the associated Tackle will be provided @ no additional charge, most of the time. They will also typically clean & filet your fish after the trip is over & your back at the Dock.

And if you don’t have time to go out to shop and buy everything you need for your Fishing Trip, you can check out our complete collection of Quality Fishing Reels & Tackle and buy marine supplies online.

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